VP of Marketing. Joined Lattice as the 3rd employee and 1st marketer. Scaled Lattice from seed to 1,850 customers like Slack and Pinterest.

A few of my favorite projects:

Shoutout to the amazing Lattice Marketing team who helps make everything below happen. Join us -> 

Resources for Humans Community
Slack community and newsletter featuring 9,000+ members

RFH Interviews
Podcast and Web Series featuring leaders from Stripe, Box, and Reddit

RfH Virtual
Virtual Conference with 16,000+ RSVPs

RfH Live 
Industry and customer conference in SF. Watch the recap video

Outdoor ads:
We've run a few different campaigns

2019 Brand Redesign: Launched a new visual style (shoutout Luc)and positioning.

The Manager's Journey: Lattice's first commercial shot by the amazing Jason Harper

Customer LIfecycle No Code Solutions: Made a bunch of tools with Webflow that we use across the customer lifecycle: Lattice University, Change Management Hub, and Partner Portal.

2013 - 2016

Blue State Digital

Worked my way up on the accounts team to Account Director. Ended up moving to California to manage the company's work with Google

A few of my favorite projects:.

Google Fiber Launches: Managed marketing campaigns for city launches around the country and did some fun things along the way - Painted vans, gave away t-shirts and #FiberIsComing.

Google Take Action: Grew and managed an advocacy community of 6+ million internet evangelists. Passed a white house petition, worked a couple times with the Father of the Internet, Vint Cerf, and fought for privacy rights, net neutrality and more.

Google for Entrepreneurs: Created campaigns and programs to engage Google's startup partner ecosystem.

California Hospital Association: Launched and developed a  community of 250k+ Californians who fought for healthcare rights.